When it comes to learning something new, we all tend to look for an expert to learn from and follow.  It has been my intention to be that expert for you.  And today, in line with that intention, I’m going to introduce you to another expert who has created an ebook that will help you greatly – especially if you are new to aquarium keeping – but even if you are experienced too – it will still help you.

The name of the ebook is Ultimate Secrets To Saltwater Fish & Invertebrates, by Andrej Brummer.

Over the years of attending different aquarium hobby club meetings where there was an expert guest speaker or at aquarium conferences where there were other expert speakers, I noticed a common flaw that many new saltwater aquarium enthusiasts fell into.  Here it is.  The flaw was in following multiple experts at the same time and then trying to apply everything that all of the experts were recommending.

So what is wrong with that?  There are so many ways to do a saltwater aquarium right, but unless you choose one way and stick with it, you’ll likely end up with a system that doesn’t work well and is a hodge podge of multiple methods.  The best way is to choose one expert to follow and stick with them, and do what they say until you have some experience and success under your belt.  THEN – and  only then – does it make sense to begin experimenting with different methods.

So today, I am exposing you to another expert for you to learn from, to give you a different perspective.

Let me know what you like the most in Andrej’s ebook and how it helped you.

Happy Fishes,

Warren Gibbons

Here’s a cool interview series on keeping saltwater aquariums, with multiple experts being interviewed – revealing their secrets on both saltwater and freshwater aquarium keeping. And the great part is you can download the recording and listen to it on your iPod at your leisure.

Click Here! to get the interview series. It’s well worth the cost.

And if you already have Adrej Brummer’s eBook “Ultimate Secrets To Saltwater Aquarium Fish & Invertebrates”, you may be even more interested in this interview series, because he is one of the experts interveiwed.